by Sometimes the Cat

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Sorta robots.


released April 2, 2012

Sometimes the Cat:
April - vocals, guitar, ukulele, drums, keyboard, stylophone, noise, triangle, bongos, etc.

All songs written, performed, recorded, mixed, produced, etc. by April except:
Lyrics for tracks 9 and 10 by Haley, as well as the titles for tracks 3 and 6 and the cover photo.
Vocal samples on bonus track 3 from a public domain WWII-era radio broadcast on

Remixed and remastered December 2013-November 2014 and re-released 2014-11-14
Dress Dress Dress Recordings
GRR 001




Sometimes the Cat Eugene, Oregon

Sometimes the cat does what she wishes, but sometimes she doesn't. Either way, Sometimes thinks you should live your love through everyone.


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Track Name: With Caution
A frozen cigarette on the ground
It rips the feeling in your bones out
The silvery smooth harmonicas play
As sweet suckling songbirds strive to awake and
A punch in the face that leaves your mouth seething
I'd hazard a guess that you're probably bleeding
And oh

And here's to the charred winter bell(e?)s
But letting the ash in is bad for your health and
Only you think you're a loon
But I guess it really is up to you
You could spare it so much grief
If you took to it a knife
And wouldn't let it breathe

Dropping, falling, hourglass
A tender moment intended to last
Running quickly out of time
And not once did your hands form the sign
Fluids dripping out from each corner
The penguin circle huddles to get warmer
And oh... I believe in you

Classically had and classically bad
And screw this crap I don't wanna be like that
And water flows and fire burns
I wish I didn't know someone like her
Majorly beat in a second fight
Guess I'll just be another guy
And oh... I believed in you
Track Name: Robot Girl
Robot girl
Where's your world?
Can you hear me?
Can you see me?
Can you understand I'll always be there for you?
Can you feel that I'll never leave you?
Robot girl

Robot girl
Your flag unfurls
Revealing your true colours
For all the world to judge
Can you eat all of the candle but for the flame?
Can you understand that I can never know your name?
Robot girl

Robot girl
The pinwheel whirls
Ripping flesh
The netting's mesh
Can you get me out of this prison I've designed?
Open up my insides to get a look at my mind?
Robot girl

Robot girl
It makes me hurl
I can see
The factory
Can you tell me why you were made up for me?
Can you tell me why you're running out of batteries?
Robot girl
Track Name: Perspectives
Your beat, broken heart
I don't know where to take it
Can't help but smart
The wound is just too big
Seal up the cracks
Ensure there ain't a leak
Apply a bandage patch
And hope it works its magic

I don't know what you're thinking—how can your thoughts be so serene?
Wouldn't you just be taking another guilt trip down memory lane?

New binoculars
Pointed straight at the tree
Can you see the birds?
Or is the day too cloudy?
I am insane
Just completely mental
You are inane
Except it's just not funny

Neverending everwinter, talking on the telephone
Discussing matters urgently but yet we'll never know
Track Name: Celestial Bodies
Mercury, Venus, Earth and
Mars, the astroid belt, Ceres
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and
Neptune, Pluto, Haumea
Makemake, and Eris, oh

All the celestial bodies
Floating up in space
What are they connected to
That keeps them in their place?
All the celestial bodies
Floating off the ground
Such a very far distance
It keeps us safe and sound

Alpha Centauri, Sirius, Barnard's
Procyon, Cygni, Struve and
Teegarden's, Kluger, Leonis
Betelgeuse, Proxima Centauri
Zeta Leporis, Lalande, Gliese

All the celestial bodies
Floating around our minds
All of it fuses together
Forming an ultra-spatial rind
All the celestial bodies
Making up this central game
If anyone cared to play it
Then we wouldn't all just be the same
Track Name: January (Please Exist Again)
She's opening up in two
She's got nothing to do
She doesn't want to end up used
She's breaking up with you
She wants to get out of this place
She doesn't want to see your face
You just got to give her some space
Leave her beauty and grace

I don't know where she goes
When she wants to be alone
I don't know what she wants
But it's probably more than she's got

Trudging through the winter snow
No matter which way the wind blows
All of this just goes to show
What little humanity knows
She wants to break your heart
She hopes that it'll smart
She won't be letting down her guard
She doesn't want to take it very hard

I don't know where she goes
When she wants to be alone
I don't know what she wants
But it's probably more than she's got
Track Name: Postmodern Antihero
I light the torches
I fly the jet planes
I am an incubator
I consume your pain
I sink the battleships
I cut in two
I listen to AM radio
I am one of the few

I want your secrets
I am not quite spoken
I send the letters
I am somewhat broken
I hear his mister's pet whistles
I played the chimes
I am splitting at the seams
I wish I had time

I might've soldiered on
I twist the handle
I cut through treated wood
I lit the candles
I devised a fork in the road
I formed a bowl
I scribbled on a bookmark
"I Will Eat Your Soul."

I gnawed a gnomon
I don't want to share
I am revolving
I stuck a flower in your hair
I am sucking citrus
I preach the hex
I saw the neverending
I will see specks
Track Name: She
She's living in a glass box
She's watching everything writing down
Throwing paper in her box of love letters to herself
And smiling on her throne
Making her colorblind mistakes
And etching patterns back and forth to her best friend that's just her
But when the time comes for her to accept
Everyone's flaws and move on
She cracks up
She cracks up
She don't know what to do
And nobody can help her now
She's on her own
And it doesn't feel as good as you thought it would be

Convoluted mysteries
Always in the key of D
What brings on these fiery fumes
Spitting feathers
Words flowing out from her mouth
She knows where we are but not why you care
Seventeen whispers
Living in the fear of smiles
How can your friends and family deal with this monstrosity

She'll be
DEAD one day but there's no-one left to care
No-one left at closing time
No-one left to clean it up
Society didn't even want to throw her away
No-one ever cared at all
No-one ever wants to know
I broke down that day
Right before I left her
I knew from that moment her haunting would drag me away
But I disappeared
Packed my plastic bag
Set the object on my shoulders to see what lay ahead
She looked into my soul
There is no control
Never after 'cause she screwed up my brain again
Track Name: The World Wasn't Much Larger Than Your Backyard
I won't forget the day
I passed by your house
And that china cat in your window
That I'd grown accustomed to was gone

And I never did question
Your intention
When you burned down the neighboring home
With your wishing well

That day we walked the earth
And you took me to your grandmother's church
Where you sang me a song
I still play today

Wasn't it funny how all of your friends and family
Who called you irreplaceable couldnt remember your name
you carved your initials into a park bench and told me they all were the same
Then she took your hand and asked you to dance anyway
You laughed until midnight when you ran out of things you could say
Wasn't it funny how fast you forgot about everything that remained

But I wont hold it against you
I wont hold it against you just yet

And they all thought you died
When you were drafted and sent off to Vietnam
Then you came home with a white flag
Tied around your breaking heart
And I can't imagine it any other way
Track Name: Gloria's Piggy Bank
Gloria's piggy bank
Sixteen wedding dresses, sixteen brides to thank
She cries until the morning
We cry until the morning

Gloria's piggy bank
Five broken clocks and a Rolodex
A personal rendition of mother-knows-best

Gloria's piggy bank
Sixty-five blue roses and a cup of tea
Gloria's piggy bank belongs to me

Gloria's piggy bank
Sixteen wedding dresses, sixteen brides to thank
She'll cry until the morning
We'll always cry til the morning

It has four legs and a pretty face
But Gloria's piggy bank has seen better days

I broke Gloria's piggy bank
It was an accident but I'm the one to thank
I didn't know where I was going
I should have known where I was going

Gloria's piggy bank
Sixteen wedding dresses, sixteen brides to cry for
I hope you know what you died for

Gloria's piggy bank
Sixty-five dead roses and an empty cup of tea
I shattered Gloria's dreams but they belonged to me

We'll sweep up the pieces and we'll start again
I'm sorry that I broke you, you're my only friend
We used to stay up all night
Just to cry

Gloria's piggy bank
In fifty-seven jagged pieces for a stupid prank
I didn't know where I was going
I should have known where I was going

Be'll take her home to get fixed by her mother
Because I know for sure I'll never find another like

Gloria's piggy bank my only friend
I'll figure out where I'm going
We'll both know where I'm going

Gloria's piggy bank
Track Name: Doubles
A man trudges through the darkness
Beset by himself, ne'er the less
All the facts lead to his best guess
He needs to depose the regime

All of his plans, all in a mess
Left out patent, almost undressed
His enigmatic foe confessed
All of this just to let off steam

An injunction leaves him compressed
Although he is taking the quest
He's incessant but in a cess
Is he prostrate? Is he sleeping?

It's all over? Surely you jest
Both have beseeched but neither bless
Spiking it over the wave's crest
The flood bursts his cranial seam

All of these feats fail to impress
Does not augur well for these pests
Alienating game of chess
Just held together in a ream

Fragmenting mind; you know the rest
But yet after all, I digress
Everything o'er now, for the best
But a question: what will you deem?
Track Name: Allergenics
Hipster baby, bodysnatchers, superhero, Twilight Sparkle
of Montreal, monthly dentist, Southwest Airlines, economics
Double dating, Robert Schneider, hopscotch players, antisocial
Windows Vista, silver lining, Texas Longhorns, accusations


Vinyl records, bloody hellhounds, neverending, Wordpress Blogspot
Hater ruins, "Bongo Sample", information, tourist trapping
Off the record, increased interest, "Needing/Getting", Mister Lincoln
Joking smokers, twisted jackknife, new-age cellphone, never forget

Track Name: The King of the Cannibals
I don't want you to fear me
I know how it feels
I love all of the people
Or at least all of the ones inside

I don't want your flesh
It's not ready yet
We have to wait another year
Make sure it's ripe for the picking

I know how confusing this must be
What am I even talking about?
Dear child, you will know soon enough
Just be patient for a bit more time

I am the king of the cannibals
'Round these parts I'm considered a saint
We need your blood and muscles and meat
Otherwise we got nothing to eat
Track Name: Creeps & Spooks
Sleep, my dear
It's time to go to bed
Let's not be difficult
I don't want to pull out the creeps and spooks
And it's not like they'd even scare you
That leaves me with nothing to do so please

Sleep, my dear
It's time to go to bed
Let's not be difficult
I don't want to pull out the creeps and spooks
And it's not like they'd even scare you
That leaves me with nothing to do so please

Get out while we're about
Fear me if only just to humour my dreams
Track Name: We All Drown Someday, except The Ones That Don't
I intended just to wade into the puddle
But my head went ten feet down
No chance of any oxygen
So i just sat there and drowned
Nobody's giving up their life support system
I guess I'll just play to my own tune
Seven hundred particles in my atmosphere
Another time the sun eclipsed the moon

Needless to say I have it under control if I ever need to let it go
And I guess I can brave my way through the rain. Sleet. And snow
Harmless yet harmful to an infant if it were to drink
And yet ever faster do I begin to sink

As the water seeps in through orifices
The choking motions in my throat
Trying to cough up the liquid
Attempts to pull out of the moat
Flailing up and flailing down;; nobody cares
They'd rather just sit there and watch
My hands grasping towards the sky
Can't find in the wall a notch

Needless to say I have no body control so I guess I'll just let it go
And I guess it's not so scary when you know what's in store
Harming my organs but vital to life
The ocean floor is beautiful until you open your eyes.....