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I can't sleep anymore
I lie in bed, the lights are off and darkness sinks between my toes
Yet I dream other lives
People who I'll never know are burning in the back of my mind
I can't tell what's real or fake, I'm feeling like it's make or break
And right now I'm just breaking and buying it
Everything is passing by, the clock is ticking out of time
And I'm losing sense of where I was headed

It's six o'clock in the morning and I can't remember sleeping
And as a human being I feel like I'm rotting away
It's ten o'clock in the morning and time peels back like an onion
And I'm finding other people's all that's left

I can't sleep anymore
Not that I used to sleep, but you know I guess I thought that I had something
I can't feel anymore
I took everyone I knew and put them in one place and then I shut them out
I can't sing anymore
I've reduced down to three chords and simple words repeated over in choruses
I can't lie anymore
But I still can't tell the truth so I'll shut up

It's five o'clock in the evening and my day amounts to nothing
And I watched it get to this place
It's ten o'clock in the night time and it all feels the same
And I guess that has to be okay

And I know that I'm really not the person I appear to be
I flash a smile and say it's all okay
But hopefully people will see I'm not a paragon of honesty
And hopefully you'll realise how fucked up I am


from With Distance, released November 18, 2017
April - vocals, acoustic guitar, drums




Sometimes the Cat Eugene, Oregon

Sometimes the Cat is

glasnost (content generation algorithm)

and perestroika (indestructible object).

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