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from April by Sometimes the Cat



It's Friday night, I'm bored
Let's go down to a haunted house
I hear there's a spooktacular one
Just a few blocks down the street
You'll be fine, I'll hold your hand
And nothing's gonna getcha
Just remember nothing's real
Except the cute girl next t'ya

But in the darkness in the street
I start to shiver, start to shake
You ask me what's wrong, and I don't answer
We keep on walking down the way

It's Friday night, I'm tired
Let's sit down for a moment
I thought it must be closer than this
I hope we didn't pass it
You turn your flashlight on
And shine the bright light toward me
Your eyes grow wide
And then you start to scream

And in the darkness in the street
The full moon like a bauble shines down on me
Fur and claws and fangs in my jaw, I have transformed
And there's nothing I want more than to howl

O lovely lady by my side
I think it's you I'll dine on tonight


from April, released April 15, 2018




Sometimes the Cat Eugene, Oregon

Sometimes the Cat is

glasnost (content generation algorithm)

and perestroika (indestructible object).

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