Quietly, Quietly

from by Sometimes the Cat

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or, “I Quiver Where I Stand.”
February 2016.


You, you, you
I know you're somewhere out there, doing what you do
Me, me, why's it have to be
That you hold me up there high among the clouds?

Quietly, quietly you watch me from a distance
Quietly, quietly I watch you from afar

I speak to you and I ask you how you're doing
You tell me things and you ask me these in turn
When I'm around you, I can't help but pour out
My secrets and feelings and thoughts (and hope you won't hate me)

Quietly, quietly you watch me from a distance
Quietly, quietly I watch you from afar
It's better this way, it's better this way we say to ourselves
When we quietly, quietly sit alone

These days I wonder: should I even bother?
You tell me you like me but I really just can't tell
I'm afraid because you say that you're afraid of me
I don't know what's real and what's just in my head

You're such a mystery and that just makes me want to know you more
I know you're talented at the things you like to do and
I wish I could reach out to you and tell you how I feel and
I wish you weren't afraid of me, I wish you thought I weren't as good

Quietly, oh
Quietly, oh

Is it you? As I thought, are you the one that holds me up onto a pedestal and makes me out as someone to look up to?
Or is it me? Do I project my hopes and fantasies onto you such that even in my wildest dreams, you've got no hope to compare?

There's an ocean between us
A fighting wave, current running over
And as I climb up to the shoreline
I quiver where I stand

But I don't even know you
And you don't even know me
And we'll probably never know each other
So I guess this will have to suffice

So I sit here quietly
And you sit there quietly
So we sit here quietly
And alone

Here as I stand in the Western Hemisphere, I wonder what my life could've been like if I were born somewhere else. Could I have known you when we were children? And do you think we could've been friends? Maybe we could've, if given the chance, gotten to know each other and broken out of our shells, I guess. Maybe we could've been happier in the company of each other, even if it didn't, y'know, turn out that way in the end. Or maybe this is our only chance, and the only way to know you is with distance. And maybe that makes the chocolates and the tea that much sweeter. Our lives as perpendicular lines, with only one point of meeting. Or maybe we're parabolas? And if that's the case, and I manage to bend back again, I hope our second intersection will be as beautiful as the first. And I thank you.


from I Shiver, released June 15, 2017
April - vocals, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums




Sometimes the Cat Eugene, Oregon

Sometimes the cat does what she wishes, but sometimes she doesn't. Either way, Sometimes thinks you should live your love through everyone.


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